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The Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness is committed to the evidence-based belief that the adult brain can continue to grow and change in positive ways. We are pioneers in bringing the emerging principles of “positive neuropsychology” into clinical practice to help a wide range of adult clients affected by cognitive and emotional challenges. We provide compassionate treatment with the goal of improving emotional and cognitive wellbeing to people facing memory, attention and emotional challenge, which are often brought on by a neurological disorder either personally or in a loved one. We also work proactively with individuals interested in thinking more clearly about themselves or their world, helping educate and empower people to live brain healthy lifestyles that promote clarity and positive brain aging.

We structure our treatments based on the individual needs of each client, which is often driven by a thorough and objective assessment of thinking, mood, and personality. We offer neuropsychological assessment to many of our clients to help clarify their treatment needs; however, many of our clients come to us after having received an assessment from one of our many close neuropsychology colleagues. We provide the “what’s next” for patients who are struggling to understand, recover from and adapt to neuro and cognitive changes through a combination of cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic services. We strive to make these services affordable by participating with insurance, which covers most of these clinical services.

We treat the whole person, addressing physical, emotional, neurological, social, and occupational challenges. Our strategies come from our extensive toolbox that includes clinical neuropsychology, mindfulness, cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive rehabilitation, coaching, and wellness practices. Many times we combine our supportive and rehabilitative services with in-person or computerized brain exercises, working collaboratively with each client to find the best product and always providing hands-on coaching and strategy building.

We are also a pioneer practice in the emerging field of cognitive wellness and brain fitness, which focuses on helping people get the most out of their brains. We have developed unique programs and services to help people get ahead in the workplace, be more successful in life, maintain their edge, and retain vitality and independence.

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