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Adding Cognitive Rehabilitation and Brain Health Interventions to Your Practice

December 1st & 2nd
Two-Day Training
Skokie, IL

With the dramatic shift in brain science showing evidence for adult brain plasticity, there has never been a more optimistic time for adults experiencing cognitive decline. Effective treatments to improve and prevent declines in thinking skills and daily functioning are growing with ever increasing evidence for their effectiveness.

This intensive 2-day (10 CEU) program will provide clinicians with a comprehensive toolbox of best-practices to treat those needing cognitive rehabilitation and brain health interventions.

These experienced clinicians will share their toolbox of treatments and approaches that lead to best patient and family outcomes.

Friday, December 1 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday December 2 8:30am - 11:30am

5215 Old Orchard Rd.
1st Floor
Conference Room

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Why Take This Course?

  • Few opportunities for cognitive rehabilitation training exist even at the doctoral level
  • Ineffective and incomplete intervention strategies abound, costing valuable time and money – often feeding false beliefs about declines that perpetuate disability
  • This program teaches strategies that work across different populations and various settings

Information Covered

  • Review of cognition, neuroanatomy, common brain disorders and associated cognitive declines
  • The evidence base for neuroplasticity and training generalizability
  • Intervention approaches across inpatient and outpatient settings

Specific interventions for each cognitive domain including:

  • Attention & Working Memory
  • Memory Encoding and Recall
  • Prospective Memory
  • Visual Neglect
  • Executive Function
  • Language
  • Social & Emotional Functioning
  • Metacognition & Coaching
  • Prevention & Brain Health

Early Bird Discount $250
after November 1, 2017 $350


For all of your cognitive rehabilitation training needs.

The CCCW-TI is dedicated to filling the training gap that exists in developing professionals to provide cognitive rehabilitation services.

CCCW-TI participants come to learn more about cognitive rehabilitation to enhance their clinical practice and many stay to train to become a cognitive rehabilitation specialist.

Professional Disciplines Trained

Psychologists and other Mental Health Providers
Speech Language Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Physical Therapists
Brain Health Coaches

Program Offerings

Cognitive Rehabilitation Certification Training
Informational Webinars
CEU Programs – Online and Classroom Setting
Consultation Programs – Individual and Group

Cognitive Rehabilitation Certification Core Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to prepare professionals for certification in cognitive rehabilitation offered by other organizations such as the Society for Cognitive Rehabilitation. Certification is not guaranteed or offered directly by CCCW-TI. Students are expected to complete the course curriculum that is designed for their professional discipline. Given that students of CCCW-TI come from a variety of backgrounds, courses can be skipped on a test-out basis.

Course Offerings


Sherrie All, PhD