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A bright vibrant home for cognitive health

The Cognitive Wellness Center is a stand-alone not-for-profit corporation dedicated to holistically providing the “what’s next” after a diagnosis of memory loss.

We are working to build a comprehensive wellness center offering vibrant brain and body stimulation for people affected by mild cognitive decline, their family care partners and healthy people concerned about brain wellness.

The Need:

Whether it be the result of stroke, brain injury, surgery or the beginning stages of a dementia, people living with mild to moderate cognitive decline tell us they feel isolated and powerless. As careers and social circles dissolve, people find themselves with few options to build, restore and maintain brain health and independence. Those seeking services come in all age ranges and desperately search for a welcoming, lively environment that promotes integrated cognitive health.

Our work with family care partners has shown that much of their stress stems from the fact that most existing services are mainly suited for those with severe cognitive impairment, leaving those impacted by mild decline to wonder, “What about us?” Families work hard to coordinate involvement in existing programs that are scattered around town and operate on an intermittent basis while struggling to maintain quality of life.

Our Vision: A Space That Promotes Wholeness

The Mission:

The Cognitive Wellness Center provides a holistic approach to brain health, enhancing dignity for those touched by cognitive decline and empowering the broader community to preserve and promote brain function.

Board of Directors:

Sherrie All, PhD
Stefanie Bonnell, LCSW
Lauren Weldon, Esq.