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Cogmed Working Memory Training   

What is Cogmed?

Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based treatment for ADHD and attention declines from stroke and TBI. The program has been scientifically validated to enhance working memory capacity and improve attention in children and adults.

Centers for Cognitive Wellness provider Lisa Schaedler, LCSW is now offering two Cogmed training options for those interested. 


Cogmed training options:

Total Package: Pay $2,000 for stand alone training and coaching. Payment includes Cogmed software license, an intake appointment with interview, a startup session (covering login, training guide, and future scheduling), as well as five, 15-20 minute coaching calls with Lisa Schaedler.

Training Add-on to Psychotherapy: Pay $500 for Cogmed software license. Intake, setup and coaching time is integrated into weekly therapy sessions. Offer available to both new and existing CCW clients with select providers.

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