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Cogmed Working Memory Training   

What is Cogmed?

Cogmed is an evidence-based, digital training program developed by leading cognitive neuroscientists. It is specifically designed to target and enhance working memory – the mental workspace responsible for retaining and processing information. With a strong working memory, you will be better equipped to manage the symptoms of attention deficit, resulting in improved focus and better capacity to handle the demands of life.

Centers for Cognitive Wellness providers Lisa Schaedler, LCSW and Eleanor Mulshine, LCSW, offer two Cogmed training options for those interested. 


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Cogmed training options:

Total Package: Pay $2,000 for stand alone training and coaching. Payment includes Cogmed software license, an intake appointment with interview, a startup session (covering login, training guide, and future scheduling), as well as five, 15-20 minute coaching calls with select providers.

Training Add-on to Psychotherapy with a Cogmed Provider: Pay $500 for Cogmed software license. Intake, setup and coaching time is integrated into weekly therapy sessions with the Cogmed provider. Offer available to both new and existing CCW clients with select providers.

Benefits of Cogmed ?

• Improved Working Memory Capacity

Cogmed has been shown to significantly improve working memory in adults, enabling you to store and process information more effectively.

• Enhanced attention and focus

As working memory improves, so does your ability to concentrate easily, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness in both personal and professional settings.

• Better problem-solving skills

You are better equipped to tackle complex tasks with improved working memory and processing abilities.

• Effects that last

Research shows that the benefits of Cogmed training are maintained and sometimes even improve for up to 12 months, providing long-term improvements in cognitive performance.

How does it work? Through engaging and interactive exercises, Cogmed targets the key cognitive processes responsible for working memory and attention. The program automatically adapts to your unique needs and ability, ensuring continuous challenge and growth over time. Our qualified Cogmed Coach will guide you through an individualized training program that features: • Flexible protocols Tailor the practice to suit your needs with 25-50 minutes of training, 3-5 days per week, for 5-13 weeks. • Weekly check-ins Receive personalized feedback, support and guidance from your Coach each week of the program. • Post-training follow up Ensure lasting effects with and ongoing support to integrate results in daily life.

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