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Dr. Sherrie All founded CCCW in 2012 driven by a passion to help people with cognitive decline.  She is equally passionate about developing other professionals to spread the availability of cognitive rehabilitation and brain health services.  She offers consultation, coaching and training in addition to educating the public on brain health.  She is an engaging speaker and writer on the topics of brain health, cognitive reserve, and neuropsychology.

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Educational Presentations Offered by Sherrie All, Ph.D.

Take Charge of Your Memory: 7 Secrets of Brain Science to Boost Your Memory and Stay Sharp

Memory can be strengthened at virtually any age.  Dr. Sherrie All, an expert in memory and brain health, will lead you through the 7 most commonly taught and researched strategies for improving your memory function in everyday life.  She will also share with you the latest findings from neuroscience that have revealed new brain strategies that may surprise you.

Harness Your Brain Destiny: Everyday Choices to Lower Your Risk for Dementia and Change Your Life

Each one of us can build resistance to dementia or delay its onset by investing in our brain health.  In her relatable and engaging style, Dr. All will review the science supporting brain plasticity and teach you how the scientific theory of cognitive reserve is the key to helping you make everyday decisions that will help you care for your brain and optimize your performance. 


What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation and How Can it Help?

Neuropsychological testing can help health care providers, families, and individuals understand changes in thinking skills such as memory and attention, and this type of evaluation helps assist with diagnosis and treatment planning.  This presentation will discuss different areas of cognitive functioning (e.g., memory, attention, language), how they are assessed with neuropsychological testing and the benefits of measuring cognitive health.


Take Charge of Your Feelings: How to Overcome Stress and Anxiety to Become More Peaceful and Productive

Stress is an essential component of life – it keeps us safe – but humans have the unique ability to put our bodies and brains into fight-or-flight mode purely with our thoughts.  Stress activation has a profound impact on brain performance in the short run and damages the brain in the long run.  Dr. All will provide valuable strategies regaining focus and reducing the impact of stress, leading to resilience and calmness.

Memory Cafés: An Innovative Model for Early Stage Dementia Support and Engagement

Memory Cafes within the United States are grassroots, non-clinical gatherings of people with early stage dementia and their families that provide opportunities for connection and reduced stigma. Participants form bonds of support and companionship while receiving cognitive stimulation. This session will review the history and rationale of memory cafes and outline steps for starting new cafes.


What’s Next?  Helping Patients and Families Respond to a Diagnosis of Memory Loss.

All too often, people diagnosed with dementia or another type of cognitive decline are left thinking, what can I do to take care of myself?  Medical centers provide excellent diagnosis and medical treatment, and neuropsychological reports offer many recommendations, but putting those recommendations into practice and sifting through effective treatments versus gimmicks can be daunting.  Dr. Sherrie All, owner of one of the few practices offering treatment services for this circumstance, will share her experience and insights for “what’s next?”


Best Practices for Top Notch Memory Care with Dr. All: Strategies for Effective and Engaging Interactions with People with Dementia

Learn how cognitive rehabilitation works and can help brain-injured and cognitively impaired individuals restore function and/or compensate for declines.





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