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Sherrie All, PhD

Dr. Sherrie All is passionate about empowering people to use their brains brilliantly to live better, lead better and love better. She is an international keynote speaker, writer, licensed clinical neuro-rehabilitation psychologist, brain health expert and the owner and director of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness. Her book The Neuroscience of Memory: Seven Skills to Optimize Your Brain Power, Improve Memory, and Stay Sharp at Any Age is the first in a series of neuroscience books that inspire purpose, leadership and spectacular living.

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Dr. All's Talk Topics

6 Signs it’s Time for Memory Care

 One of the most challenging decisions families living with dementia face is when, how and where to get professional long term care. Often families wait too long, excusing away safety and isolation concerns, preferring to “keep the peace” and avoid potential sticker shock. Dr Sherrie All is your guide for this program where we will wade through the most common signs that signal the need for professional memory care. 

Take Charge of Your Memory: 7 Secrets of Brain Science to Boost Your Memory and Stay Sharp

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Memory and brain health can be strengthened at virtually any age. In her relatable and engaging style, Dr. All will review the new neuroscience of brain health and offer you 7 key lifestyle strategies that will help you optimize your memory and build a better brain.

Dr. All's Memory Tips: Evidence-based Strategies to Remember Better in Daily Life

Are you struggling to remember things?  Dr. Sherrie All, an expert in memory and brain health, will let you in on the 7 most commonly researched strategies for improving memory performance in daily life.  

What’s Next?  Helping Patients and Families Respond to a Diagnosis of Memory Loss.

All too often, people diagnosed with dementia or another type of cognitive decline are left thinking, what can I do to take care of myself?  Putting doctors' recommendations into practice and sifting through effective treatments versus gimmicks can be daunting.  Dr. Sherrie All, owner of one of the few practices offering treatment services specifically for this circumstance, will share her experience and insights for “what’s next?”

What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation and How Can it Help?

Neuropsychological testing can help health care providers, families, and individuals understand changes in thinking skills such as memory and attention, and this type of evaluation helps assist with diagnosis and treatment planning.  This presentation will discuss different areas of cognitive functioning (e.g., memory, attention, language), how they are assessed with neuropsychological testing and the benefits of measuring cognitive health.


Speaking Dementia: Neuroscience-Informed Communication and Care Strategies for Dementia Caregiving Success

Caring for a person with dementia requires learning and practicing a host of new skills.  Some skills we develop implicitly and some need to be tough.  When care partners know more about how the brain works (or doesn’t work in dementia) they can better navigate the communication and care challenges unique to dementia care.  Dr. Sherrie All, a dementia care expert and licensed clinical neuropsychologist, will share with you her neuroscience-informed, best-practices for improving your communication and care strategies to help you be more successful day to day.

The Neuroscience of Stress

Stress is a normal and necessary part of life, but our modern world promotes unhealthy levels of stress that have been linked to every major chronic disease including dementia.  The goal isn't to get rid of all of your stress, but rather to develop habits that condition your nervous system to foster resilience in the face of daily stress and more significant traumas.  Dr. Sherrie All, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in neuroscience, will share with you her toolbox to help you build habits to get better at stress and foster greater connection and ease.

Speaker’s Fee:

Contact Dr. All for a fee schedule or to discuss topics not on this list. 


The Neuroscience of Memory
 by Dr. Sherrie All

Now Available! Click below to view book details and
order through Amazon or a local bookseller. 



I can’t tell you how amazing you were. Honestly the best ever at PESI. Even my husband who is head of health care at his firm said you were terrific.

You do a marvelous job of making the science of the brain understandable and usable.


Truly enjoy your passion and drive!! 

You are a motivated and wise woman.  Thank you for sharing that with the community. 

I greatly benefited from your training. 


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