CCCW uses Therapy Appointment to create client accounts to manage scheduling appointments, submitting insurance claims, managing billing, keeping client contact information up to date, and signing electronic forms. Access to Therapy Appointment is available to both current and new clients. 

Current Clients:

If you are a current client within CCCW, there are two options for you to access your client portal.  1) You may ask your provider to send you an invitation link during your next appointment, or 2) call or email the practice manager during office hours (9:30am - 4:00pm) to request access: 773-345-3495 ext. 0 or Invitation links will be sent to the email that is on file for your account.

If you are a current client and already have a login, access your Therapy Appointment account by clicking on your provider below and selecting Log in to your account on new page. If you have forgotten your account password, contact the office administrator to send you a password re-set email. 


New clients:

If you are new to the practice, it is important to determine which CCCW provider will best fit your needs. A list of our team members is available to you on the Our Team tab.  Once you choose a provider that meets your needs, you can select Make an Appointment and create a Therapy Appointment account by registering as a new client. When creating an online account, please fill in all contact information as well as insurance details. 

It is recommended that you call the practice manager to discuss provider availability. If you have questions about your insurance or would like to opt out of using insurance and continue as a self-pay client, please contact the practice manager.  The practice manager will contact you once your account is created to set an appointment and confirm information. If you elect to use an insurance policy, our medical biller is given 48 hours to complete a verification of your insurance benefits which will be communicated to your prior to first appointment. We ask that clients who use Therapy Appointment complete the assigned consent forms in the Docs&Forms section of your account. 

A comprehensive guide to the client portal is available here:

For any further questions relating to using Therapy Appointment, please feel free to get in contact with the office administrator during the office hours (9:30am - 4:00pm) via her extension: 773-345-3495 ext.0!