At CCCW each provider is hand selected, trained and supervised by founder and owner Sherrie All, PhD. Dr. All is passionate about filling a much-needed treatment gap for people with cognitive decline as they work to improve their lives in the face of difficult circumstances. As Dr. All’s success in treating these unique patients and families has grown, so has her team.


Kat Kline, LCSW

Kat provides cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy services at our Edgewater location. He is passionate about LGBTQIA+, aging, and disability advocacy, and has specialized training in workplace mental health, peer support, and gerontology. As a clinician with ADHD and chronic migraines, Kat uses a combination of humor, practical experience, cognitive behavioral techniques, and motivational interviewing to help people identify their strengths, adapt to new challenges, and pursue their goals, regardless of diagnoses.


Kat accepts Medicare, BCBS PPO, Aetna, and Self-Pay options. 

Martha Tierney, LCSW

Martha Tierney is a warm and grounded clinician, offering cognitive rehabilitation interventions and psychotherapy in our loop location.  Martha has a background in cognitive enhancement through special education and many years experience in working with people affected by Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.

Martha accepts: Medicare, BCBS PPO,  United, and Self-pay options

Lydia Wardin, PsyD

Dr. Lydia Wardin provides neuropsychological assessment, cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy in our Edgewater office to patients experiencing a variety of changes in their thinking from brain injury, dementia, and other medical issues.  

Lydia accepts: Medicare, BCBS PPO, Aetna, United medical, and Self-pay options

Genevieve Wolff, LPC

Genevieve Wolff provides counseling services at our Edgewater office.  She has a strong background in helping people understand the impact of early life experiences on daily functioning.  Her warm, empathic style creates comfort for her clients as they explore difficult topics of self-growth.

Genevieve accepts: BCBS PPO, Aetna, and Self-pay options


Liz Utrecht is a graduate student pursuing a master’s in counseling at Northwestern University. They are able to provide supervised therapy rooted in psychodynamic, relational/intersectional, and person-centered frameworks. Their open and willing approach makes them suitable for working with diverse populations.

Liz accepts: BCBS PPO and Self-pay options

Liz Utrecht

Tina Mavalankar, LCSW

Tina Mavalankar offers cognitive rehabilitation interventions and psychotherapy to patients at our Edgewater and Loop locations.  She enjoys working with a variety of people struggling with mood and cognitive changes as well as those dealing with brain injury or dementia. 


Tina accepts: Medicare, BCBS PPO, United, Aetna, and Self-pay options


Marie T. Stein, LCSW

Marie provides cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy services at our Loop location. She has a specialty in geriatrics and dementia and is passionate about the overall health of all people. Marie believes that we are defined not by our challenges, but by our individual journeys.


Marie accepts: Medicare, BCBS PPO, United, Aetna, and Self-pay options.